Baloji | ZOMBIES

Congolese-Belgique musician, poet and film director BALOJI unleashes ZOMBIES - an energetic and dynamic observation on society’s obsession with mobile technology that often leaves us in a vegetative glaze as we gaze into illuminated screens.

The unique and captivating artist shows us why he has been added to Cadence Films roster of directors with a sterling run this year, releasing the short film Peau de Chagrin and the critically acclaimed Kanaima Show - a satirical talk show laced with BALOJI hits which dramatically ends with a national coup d’etat

In ZOMBIES, Kinshasa residents are seen going about their daily lives nose-deep in screens, a common occurrence in any bustling city.

Kicking off with ‘Spotlight’, another stellar offering from his latest album ‘137 Avenue Kanaima’ and surrounded by lively dancers, Baloji flows in the middle of an epilepsy-inducing strobe-lit dancefloor, “We twiddle our thumbs, just to escape furtively,”, “A fair for the alter egos.” The visual storyteller continues onto to chant, urging the listener to abandon the mobile phones and to enter the dance floor ‘handsfree’. 

The title track ‘ZOMBIES’ shifts direction to a more florid setting as garlanded dancers flaunt and pose in their wares. Tribal gear is always a prevalent feature in Baloji’s work - celebration and appreciation into the ancient traditions of Africa. With a full brass band parading down a street in Kinshasa, creating a fanfare unseen, ZOMBIES is a masterful collision of digital and tribal influences that are shaping the African geosphere more and more each day. 

Watch ZOMBIES below:

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