Shingai | Ancient Futures Short Film

Shingai, the legendary front woman and bassist from Noisettes released her highly-anticipated debut solo EPAncient Futures’ on June 28th, igniting a new chapter for the multi-talented artist. 

The four-track EP is a concoction of everything that has brought Shingai to where she is today. Ocean Africa is pleased to share ‘Ancient Futures’, the new cinematic short film produced by Reform The Funk, co-written by Shingai and directed by Rankin protégé Derrick Kakembo.  The film hones in on a variety of subjects focusing on black masculinity, resilience and afro-futurism. Watch ‘Ancient Futures’ short film below:

A celebration of her London roots, Southern-African heritage and pioneering musical eclecticism, ‘Ancient Futures’ will take you on sonic odyssey, “Modern civilization is based on incredible ancient civilizations that are systematically discredited. I’m really excited about evolution: evolving as a woman, as a human, and as an artist. I feel like in order to have the future we want, especially in this tense moment for the world, we need to learn from many ancient civilizations.” she says. “Ancient Futures is about asking how can we go forward if we don’t make peace with our past? It’s a chance to raise our vibrations and not repeat mistakes.”

‘Zimtron’, the second single from ‘Ancient Futures’ will be featured on Ocean Africa’s HOT SAUCE Vol.1 compilation disc, available to stream on all platforms from 20 November 2019. 

‘Ancient Futures’ is out on all major platforms. 

Ancient Futures short film credits:

Directed by: Derrick Kakembo

Starring: Shingai

Models: Kevin Bonsu and Karlon Bonsu (aka Flag Twins)

Girls on bicycles: Naomi Browne, Swapnil Gurung, Corall Ogugua, Lois Browne, Henri

All-male cast: Anton Roberts, Jamel Brown, Ryan Ricketts, Sebs Ntegevi

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