Shemar Anthony | Black is Gold

The black form has always enthralled artists and painters. The 17th century painting ‘A young archer’ by Govaert Flinck, the 18th century exoticised work of Agostina Brunias and the fantastically captured ‘Portrait of a negress’ by Marie-Gurillemine Benoist all share one thing in common - a deep fascination with the black female form. 

21st century works, with the advent of photography and the growing relaxed portrayal of the black male has seen these figures sharing the same fascination previously bestowed their female counterparts.  What is more refreshing is the thriving number of young black men who have shunned society’s presentation and under-representation of black men, showing how working together to empower, educate and eradicate the negative stereotypes. 

New York based Jamaican photographer Shemar Anthony’s new series ‘Black is Gold’ is an affirmation of the black man’s ever-present role in society. Rewriting the narrative and adorning his muse, Jimmy Camille in gold leaf, Anthony reinforces the importance of the black man, something to celebrate even when, at times, the black man finds it hard to see his own significance in this world. 

View the series stunning series below:    

Muse: Jimmy Camille | Instagram

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