Oliver Ponin | Shades on Black

The intimate and sensual series ‘Shades on Black’ by Mauritian artist and creative director Oliver Ponin is a visual exploration into the expressions experienced by individuals the world over. 

A collaborative project between Ponin and photography duo Natalia Justin and Kovilen Ramalingum of Naked Lay Bare Your Imagination, ‘Shades of Black’ is a result of different inspirations which were combined to
express the feeling of confidence, sensuality, vulnerability, maturity and
dominance, in an intimate hyper focus. Featuring oiled up models, bathed in colour
against a devoid background, the message behind the work comes to life, allowing the vivid colours and expressions to explode out of the lens. The series also show the varied colour palette celebrated by black culture.

“Beauty, is how you feel inside. It is not something physical it
reflects in your eyes”, Ponin said about the project. “Best way to see your inner self, is to close your eyes and feel it.” 

Check out the short films below now!

SEDUCTION is the first ‘S’ of S H A D E S which shows that one of the most important qualities a women can possess is seduction.

HEARTLESS | The ‘H’ of S H A D E S which shows that our inner self is more important
than anything else and we should never give up on that.

DOMINANT | The ‘D’ of S H A D E S shows that you have to accept yourself for who you
are, express your doubts and fears without worrying about any judgement. It is a gateway to a different set of senses.

Oliver Ponin is based in Mauritius. Check out more of his work on Instagram.