Marta Bevacqua | Ludivine

Italian photographer and director Marta Bevacqua is known for creating dreamy and ephemeral works that captivate the viewer with imagery that evokes feelings of wanderlust akin to a fairytale. 

Inspired by nature, classic books and the wonders of femininity, the Paris based photographer introduces us to her muse, Ludivine Aubin, a woman with a sea of freckles on her face and a wonderfully intricate coiffured barnet, captured against an alabaster backdrop.

View the series below:

Muse: Ludivine Aubin | Instagram

Makeup: Meylo0 | Instagram

Hair: Anais Lucas Sebagh | Instagram

Marta Bevacqua is based in Paris, France. To view more of her work, visit her Instagram or visit her website.