Maiya Blaney | Jasmine

We are pleased to present you the premiere of Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Maiya Blaney’s newest music video offering entitled ‘Jasmine’.

Born in Montclair, New Jersey, Blaney infuses jazz melodies with hip hop beats to create an aural expedition that is equal parts fresh and intimate, offering a new and exciting sonic experience in alternative neo-soul.

Directed by Ryan Deforeest, ‘Jasmine’ is a musical film depicting the nuances of hookup culture in New York City. It centers around the emotional detachment needed by young people in order to have casual sex without expectation or emotional connection. The story sheds a light on the problematic nature of the city’s hookup culture, being that humans are created for the purpose of connection with others, but exist in environments that rebel against it. 

Watch ’Jasmine’ below now:

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