Mabru Rodrigues | Metamorphosis

Brazilian photographer Mabru Rodrigues  returns to Ocean Africa with Metamorphosis – a new series of portraits that unites symbolism, feelings of perception and homage, experienced by non-binary model Fêrcar.
“In this photographic series, I bring the fine art style where we play with the elements and their mixtures and, in some, like pepper and lily, we rescue the symbolism of protection and friendship.
It is an essay that rescues the model’s various feelings and, in one of the photos, we pay a symbolic tribute to Carmen Miranda.”

View the complete series below:

Creative direction & Photography by Mabru Rodrigues

Muse: Fêrcar | Instagram

Mabru Rodrigues is based in Rio de Janeiro. Follow her on Instagram or visit her website for more wonderful work by the photographer.