Luiz Moreira | SANTO NEGRO

The photo series ‘SANTO NEGRO’ sees Miami-based Sāo Paolo born photographer Luiz Moreira going back to his roots; reflecting and celebrating blackness with inspiring gilded imagery remarkably portrayed by his muse, Jasmine Nichole. 

“In these troubled times that we live in, where our freedom to express ourselves is in danger of becoming extinct, I return to my roots and open myself to know myself better as the artist I am, seeking to explore my perspective more than what is considered reality,  and the imaginary, allowing me to begin a cycle where I draw inspiration from elemental beings of nature such as wind, light, shadow and color, portrayed in black bodies that bring this divinity of these pure spirits. It is a new approach and a challenge where I feel free and independent to create my own analysis and critique of freedom, hope, dreams, the sacred, beauty and culture. The body transcends the enclosure of society and shows its vibrant and potent harmony. Santo Negro is a work built to inspire and reflect.” — Luiz Moreira

Muse: Jasmine Nichole | Instagram

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