LaRachy | Faded

UK music artist LaRachy has re-emerged after a two-year hiatus with a new single entitled Faded, teasing the release of her long-awaited EP later this year.

Taking advantage of the UK lockdown to hone and perfect her production skills, the natural songstress began arduously working on a new sound compared to her previous efforts. Carried forward with her honeyed voice, LaRachy sings the catchy chorus over a choppy beat accompanied by roomy atmospheric chords, reminiscent of old school 90s RnB – all produced and mixed by LaRachy.

LaRachy spoke to Ocean Africa about this single and what a special time it is for her to release new sonics:

Ocean Africa: How did the idea of Faded first come up?

LaRachy: It’s quite ironic actually. I was going through a tough period in my life and like many of us, I was getting lit to try and hide those feels. A few hours before a studio session, I was out with some friends using my phone carelessly, not too worried about my battery. As soon as I got to the studio, tipsy as hell with my phone battery on 5%, I realised I hadn’t brought  my charger at all! The first words I said were, “Ahh this ain’t good I fucked up!”. I was busy trying to drown my sorrows and now I have to make my 5% battery last me for 4 hours! And that’s how the song came about! All in one session! Side note, I made the 5% last!

OA: Describe this single in one word, or perhaps a sentence? 

LaRachy: The beginning of the end.

OA: The last time we heard music from you was a couple of years ago when you dropped One Thing. Why the long hiatus?

LaRachy: I was figuring out my sound and really digging deep into myself as an artist and also a producer. I was deciding what message I wanted to portray and how I wanted to portray it.

OA: What sonic developments have you made since your last music drop? 

LaRachy: Well this is my first release fully produced by myself. I really experimented with unique drum kits and learnt the art of simplicity.

OA: Whom are your influences? 

LaRachy: Michael Jackson, Timbaland, Dr Dre, Erykah Badu and Aaliyah.

OA: You’re a true creative, having produced, mixed and dropped all the vocals on this single. What do you enjoy more during the creative process?

LaRachy: I really enjoyed producing the beat, that usually influences what I write. Of course, writing and recording the song is very enjoyable. I get to play about with different melodies and ideas. Mixing is fun, and I love hearing the song come together but it definitely feels more like work!

OA: How has working on new music through this global pandemic affected the way you create music?

LaRachy: It has forced me to let go and be more free in the way I create. It also has made me realise that my music requires a certain level of vulnerability, for myself and for others.

OA: Faded seems to be a hinting at a bigger project you’ve successfully kept under wraps. What do you have in store for us? A new collection of music?

LaRachy: Yes! I’m currently working on my debut EPFaded is an introduction to what’s coming next! 

OA: Is there a title for your upcoming body of work? Any release dates you’ve set?

LaRachy: There is.. however I’m going to keep that under wraps. But I’ll give you a hint.. “I’ve laboured long enough and now it’s time for my …” The next couple of months will be very interesting. 

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