Ericke Tjiueza | Sundaze

The new series ‘Sundaze’ by Namibian photographer and director Erick Tjiueza revisits grunge and rock inspired elements of femininity, nudity, chains and crystals as a nod to the bold and daring African millennials.

“My work leaps in its commitment to create representation for minority African identities, more specifically Namibian millennials,” Tjiueza told Ocean Africa. “From the very onset, I’ve tried to be intentional about creating digital archives that align with the cultural modernity with which I experience being a young African. With Sundaze, the goal was to express the side of African millennials that’s considered ‘alternative’.”

“Sundaze series allows us to reminisce about a space that seems new but belongs equally to black African millennials. I really want the images to be an introduction and testament to the soft and fragile, but bold, daring and unrefined nature black people are allowed to exist, because we are all of those things. I had the model wear a bedazzled mask because what I ultimately wanted was for every black person who got to view the images to be able to imagine themselves as the subject.”

Muses: Jean-Claude Nazarii & Rika Kandanga

Styled by Erick Tjiueza & Namwandi

Erick Tjiueza resides in Namibia. Visit his Instagram for more exciting works.